Commercial Negotiation of Project Off-take and Supply Agreements

The structure and negotiation of the intricate web of project documents is vital to the access of the appropriate mix of capital to finance a project. Chapin International assists its clients in the structuring and negotiating of project documentation to ensure that sources of capital such as government assistance and grants can be maximized if available. It is this skill which enables us to successfully allocate risk to the parties which can most appropriately manage it.

The negotiation of project documentation is clearly one of the most important aspects of a successful project. Not only is this important to protect your investment, it is also the expertly negotiated contract which will ensure access to the maximum number of financial options. The dynamics of a project financing, however, can make this particularly challenging.

At Chapin International, we listen, learn, react and then negotiate. We are task-specific and are quick to identify issues which can impede the negotiation process. Our experience has been that this strategy is particularly instrumental and ultimately optimizes and streamlines the negotiation process. Successful negotiation of project documentation is not only an integral element of project development process but key to maximizing a project’s access to diverse sources of capital.

Chapin International can assist investors with the negotiation process and provide expert advice and flush out potential issues which may affect a project’s financing options.