Development Partners and Investors

Depending on the stage of development of a project and its needs for capital will determine whether or not a development partner should be sought. We have worked with a number of developers and our general recommendation is to only bring in a partner once the project is sufficiently advanced to appeal to a large number of potential investors. The more value we create, the more attractive the terms we will be able to secure with potential investors.

Choosing the right partner is key to the long term success of the project and having a strong financially secure partner will provide the credibility a project needs to secure the best finaning terms.

Chapin International will lead this effort on behalf the client and market the project to potential investors. This will include the preparation of comprehensive information memorandum which provides a detailed description of the project from a financial, technical, and environmental perspective. The information will provide a detailed analysis of the project. The information memorandum is a marketing tool which will be used for securing an equity partner as well as the financing for the project.

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