Investment Evaluation

Chapin International also works with banks and investors to perform commercial due diligence evaluations of renewable energy and infrastructure projects for prospective investment.  This may include financial model auditing as well as the commercial review of project documents and other developmental advisory services.  The World Bank and a number of large private equity investors are amongst our clients.

The dynamic nature and the complexity of project documentation make it difficult to assess the risk/reward potential of a project without an in-depth commercial evaluation.  Crucial investment decisions made by Institutional Investors, Bond-holders, Insurers, Investment Funds, Multi-lateral Organizations and Export Credit Agencies can be significantly enhanced by supplementing in-house expertise with that of an alternate independent resource.   This may also be the case for developers evaluating the acquisition of operating projects or those under development.  Having access to specialized knowledge provides the path to develop action plans, mitigate potential sources of risk and make informed decisions about an investment and the structure and financing of a project.

Chapin International provides its clients with a full range of due diligence services including:

Project valuation and review
Commercial review of project documentation
Project validation
Financing feasibility
Financial model review

Our services may also incorporate the development of strategic alliances and joint ventures as well as negotiating the licensing, franchising, and permitting of a project. In this process Chapin International can assist project developers assemble a team of the necessary consultants, specialists and advisors.